Why learn German?

(Currently a work in progress) Here are a few of the things that convince me to carry on learning the language whenever I begin to doubt my choice:

1. They have some of the most amazing sounding words EVER. (In no particular order)

*Azubi -r (apprentice, or trainee)
*bummeln (to wander, or saunter)
*Schublade -e (drawer)
*durchsnittlich (average)
*Schlabberding -s (we don’t really have a word, but think lounging-around-the-house-clothes)
*Dingsbums -s, (gizmo, widget or thingummybob)

2. There are so many words that exist in both English and German which are false cognates (ie the spellings are the same, but the meaning different) that sometimes it’s highly amusing to compare and contrast.

For example, the word “munter” in English is fairly, if not highly offensive. You can imagine my surprise when a lecturer said to my class in first year that she hoped we would return from the holidays “frisch und munter”. “Munter” in German means more “bright eyed and bushy tailed”.

For a more entertaining list, see Eric Kaltofen’s list of false cognates.

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