Travellings: Deutschland #18

I don’t like Mondays.

To add to the general insult of being forcibly removed from my beloved bed when it was still dark this morning, I have also discovered that I’ve run out of tea. My main stash is at home.

Seriously. Words fail me.

Oh, and you know the year abroad has finally gotten to you when you start dreaming in German.

My head hurts :(

I think I’m off to stroke something furry.

Sushi, aka Misz. Cat-napping partner in crime extraordinaire.

Inane Whittering #God only knows

Are you a computermabob person?

Good, because in that case, I need YOU.

If not, then my apologies because the rest of this post will probably make even less sense to you than my “normal” entries.

Please note that yes, this is work related, but only because I’m not sure how to approach the problem and seeing as I will most likely learn something from this, I thought it was appropriate to post it here.

Right, so being the lowly Praktikantin, I have been given the joyous task of compiling a list of contacts and their information for an event we’re planning.

My problem is that we have 9 files with various contacts in, and a master document with 22 sheets in it. The number of entries goes into the thousands.

The challenge?

To concatonate concatEnate (better, Wuzel?) ALL the data (whilst keeping the 22 sheets in the master) into one document with unique information, i.e. without duplicate contacts.

So far, I have reached the point where I understand that I either need to write a programme to do it for me (because I have no intention of getting square eyes or worsening the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that is currently plaguing both my wrists and forearms worse than God’s vengeance on the Egyptians in the Bible) OR, I can use the vba function in Excel to do the work for me.

Because, you know, the computer’s just sitting there running a browser so I can stare at facebook work, it could be pulling its weight.

So, Oh Wise Ones, what I’m looking for are any hints or tips for a newbie such as myself on how to tackle the beast – do I concatonate each sheet in a separate workbook and then merge the workbooks, or is there a better way? Or any decent places online for tutorials. I would say books, but I already have far too many of those for my box here in Munich and getting stuff delivered from isn’t easy here.

The reward?

I’ve yet to decide, but it will probably involve a penguin, a teapot, a shaved gorrilla some chocolate and my extreme gratitude.

And maybe a furry.