Chrono-syntacic Infandibulum Link #10

This link here expresses quite nicely the sheer and utter panic that’s been dominating any kind of thoughts about what to do once I graduate in 2013.

I know I still have this year to finish and then another year (now worth a wonderful 50% of my entire degree /grumble) to pass, but it still creeps in.

I’d also like to point out that languages and linguistics don’t actually appear on this; it’s mostly dealing with the Sciences and Pseudo-Sciences.

So, ner.

Here, have a possum.


Inane Whittering #10

So, I should probably be sleeping right now, but as usual I’m hoping that by not sleeping, I’ll somehow avoid tomorrow. Although I’m that sleep-deprived that I just wrote “so I’ll avoid yesterday”. Interesting idea, that.

I move to Munich tomorrow and I’m at that weird stage where you have doubts, the “I want to stay here with people I know” and all the other sentimental stuff.

I don’t like it. I can’t say good-bye at the best of times, let alone casually say bye to my parents for the best part of a year. Okay, I know I have Skype and the interweb and other weird and wonderful things that technology gives you to keep in contact. 10-15 years ago, I would have gone and relied on letters to keep in touch. So things could be a lot worse.

So I’m currently telling myself that I managed work experience at 15, flew out alone to the middle of nowhere in France to near strangers, had a pay-phone as my only means of contact, spoke rudimentary French (at best) and stayed with people who spoke no English: I can do this.


In any case, I’ll not have internet until Wednesday evening/Thursday, and I have to make my way through the German Jungle of Bureaucracy.

So, farewell land of tea and crumpets. Right, M√ľnchen, you Bavarian Beer Monster, let’s be having you.

travelling Roo
See you soon :)