Travellings: Deutschland #21/Inane Whittering #14

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Hubble bubble, toil and trouble..

fire burn and cauldron bubble.

So, I returned from a whirlwind trip to Munich on Friday and with a clump of exams coming up, the natural thing to do was to spend today lounging about relaxing and avoiding work of any shape or form. Besides, what better a way to work through any pre-exam nerves and stress than to spend a couple of hours wrestling with unwieldy bread dough?

So I decided to try something interesting. I didn’t want to go along the boring “I’ve never baked bread in my life, so I’ll stick to something simple”. Bugger that for a laugh.

I decided to make a plait – far more interesting. Fortunately, I found a book on baking bread that we had lying around the kitchen (as you do), so I had some vague guidance – ish.

So, after a tentative hour or two of mixing, kneading, proving, deflating, reshaping, proving again, deflating and reshaping, I managed to plait my dough so that I ended up with these 2 baby-sized creations:

Loaves before baking

So that you have an idea of proportions, I managed to make about 1.6kg of dough.. so each loaf is about 800g.

After finding a bread-baking setting on the oven and leaving my small children in there for ten minutes, they’d transmogrified into this:

Loaves 10 minutes into baking
10 minutes later..

This resulted in much squawking and yelling, “IT LIVES” at my father (and everyone else I came across, but particularly at him), all the while making what can only be described as ecstatic chimpanzee-like noises and running around the house.

This was duly repeated, when, after another half an hour, my beautiful creations were complete. I then felt the urge to take some supposedly “arty” photos of the finished product. That way I can kid myself that this entry can sort of look like it ought to belong in some kind of cookery book-thing.. somewhere.

Arty photo 1

Arty photo 2

Ooh, and whilst I was making a complete and utter mess of the kitchen (flour just seems to get absolutely EVERYWHERE) mum made brownies :D There won’t be many of these left by tomorrow, rest assured:

Chocolate brownies

So, 3 guesses what my back-up career’s going to be..
Yup, you got it – raccoon tamer.


Inane Whittering #8

After several days of toiling away in the mines and being a proper techno-Roo: IT LIVES! (Again)

My beautiful tables.
My beautious tables

Those tables have been taught who’s boss. It took a while, and a lot of patience, fiddling, cursing, blood, sweat, tears and tea.

And not to mention silly hats:

Me in a silly hat at the Hannover Messe
Quiet Friday at the Hannover Messe = beer + silliness.

However, IT IS DONE. Well, at least that page is. Now to fiddle around with colours and the layout a bit more, write the content of the last page, and SHEBAM. The site is done.

Then it’s just on to writing the rationale as to why I’ve done what.

..That might be slightly more difficult. Does doing things on a whim count?

Oh, and more musings to come, too. Promise.