Inane Whittering #4

This morning I found a rather amusing link regarding Google’s latest Trojan App for Microsoft Office and how the German Foreign Office is killing Linux in favour of Windows. The latter story doesn’t make much sense to me, I mean, why get rid of Freeware that works and replace it with a so-called premium product that ends up freezing and then apparently “apologises for the inconvenience.” Microsoft, sweetheart, you have no idea of the inconvenience that you have just caused me. You’ve just lost me several hours of work, you useless pile of wombat dung. Don’t apologise for something if it’s not sincere.

I’ve also found a really good article (well, for me anyway) on sleep patterns. It turns out that we’re supposed to be biphasic sleepers, i.e. we sleep in two blocks separated by a period of consciousness, rather than creatures who hibernate for one massive chunk. See, now I have an excuse explanation for being awake at all kinds of quirky hours.

Oh, and for all you raccoon lovers out there (yes, I’ve noticed the searches), here’s something that I think you might appreciate:

Hip raccoon
Damn, that is one cool cat.


Inane Whittering #2

Time for my first late-night whittering. Or should it be early-morning? I guess it was only a matter of time before I found myself at 1:30am in bed with my netbook.

The world is a strange place in the early hours. It’s really quite eery and ghost-like. It’s also the time for comfort eating. I found myself in this position towards the end of last week, having finally snapped (and become somewhat even more unhinged than before) after a screw-up with an assessment for another course (one that, for once, wasn’t entirely down to me). Before I knew it, I found myself in a somewhat zombie-like trance in the kitchen; freezer door open with spoon in hand and the best part of a tub of ice-cream gone.

The thought then occurs to me, that being lactose-intolerant, perhaps this wasn’t the best idea.

I paused, shrugged my shoulders and decided that I might as well finish what I’d started. I guess it was one of those moments in life where you’re pretty sure that there is some kind of being watching all of this and wetting himself.

I then decided that I was going to be really mature and boycott work for the rest of the night. So I watched the Clangers instead, which I felt was a far better use of my time.

I also came to the conclusion that the Clangers and the Soup Dragon would make a pretty good government. (I will elaborate, but it’s now 1:40 and I have class at 9 tomorrow..) I’m aware I sound like I’ve been taking some kind of illegal substance – I haven’t. Just lots of tea. And maybe Marmite on toast.

Incidentally, I found the soundtrack to the Clangers and now have it on my mp3 player (no iPod here). It certainly brightens up the world – try listening to it when wandering through Liverpool Street station during rush hour. I couldn’t help but smile.

Yes, I know. 19 and a half and I’m watching old children’s T.V.
Next time, I’ll whitter on about the benefits of Bagpuss..

Ooh, and apparently it’s handbags at dawn for Google and Microsoft. Honestly, ladies. Show some decorum, please. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Schlaf gut :)