Travellings: Deutschland #11 Rematch Results

I went go-carting yesterday and woke up this morning with bruises up my spine and the following witty little ditty posted on my facebook wall from the rather full of himself Herr Ben:

“Becca Bourne, born to win?
Given the results, she might think it’s a sin.
She had shown promise and time to adapt,
But yet again by Ben she got lapped.

Credit though where credit’s due,
She mixed it with the boys and overtook a few.
Maybe next time round she’ll chance her arm,
What’s that old saying? Third time’s a charm.”

So whilst trying to laugh quietly enough so as not to wake my Mitbewohnern, it reminded me to write up yesterday’s results.

The most encouraging part of this is the huge improvement I made, so I’m now just a couple of seconds behind Herr Ben. So given how I have once again proven to be a quick learner, I reckon next time he’ll have to make sure he doesn’t get too complacent…

When we eventually got onto the track, it turns out that I was a) the youngest person on the track and b) the only girl/woman in the group starting off. We were driving for 15 minutes all in all, and the glorious times are as follows:

Go-carting Results Rounds 1 & 2

Lap       Ben1            Becca1           Ben2           Becca2
1            1:16.11        1:23.62          1:01.81      1:16.20

2            1:06.79      1:35.17          1:01.27      1:05.73

3            1:05.92       1:15.73          1:00.27     1:03.30

4            1:05.23        1:13.17         1:00.65     1:03.60

5            1:04.31        1:10.70         59.40         1:04.29

6            1:08.09        1:07.69         59.31         1:03.49

7            1:05.63       1:17.35          1:02.46      1:02.70

8            1:13.18         1:10.49         1:00.28      1:01.87

9            1:06.09                            59.80         1:03.06

10                                                   1:00.60      1:03.52

11                                                    59.75          1:02.81

12                                                    59.91           1:04.20

13                                                    1:01.08         1:06.3

14                                                    1:04.85         1:06.3

15                                                    1:04.85

(The last 2 entries for each column of the second round are exactly the same because the times on the print out are 2 laps amalgamated – therefore I’ve simply halved them.)

I would write these out in a table, but everytime I type out the html code, wordpress seems to cut everything out from the first opening tag. So you’re going to have to make do with this dodgy spacing, I’m afraid.

For the record, yes, Ben overtook me, but just before we went into the pits at the end of the 15 minutes, which is a huge improvement. The best bit? I overtook several people myself, some of them on the chicane, which I thought was quite an achievement.

The most amusing thing was the look on the other driver’s faces when I overtook them – one guy obviously couldn’t believe it and gave me what I can only describe as a “death stare” as I went past – at which I naturally grinned and waved. Bear in mind, I was the only girl, wearing wrist splints on both wrists and being rather scrawny, not looking like I’d be able to do much.

You sir, just got overtaken.



Travellings: Deutschland #10


Yesterday was 2 months to the day that I moved out here and to celebrate the auspicious occasion, I spent the morning packing and the afternoon moving my things about Munich with the help of Herr Ben, who apparently decided that it would be more of a challenge to help me move then it would be to race me on the go-cart track. Cheek. We’ll see later today, Ben – I have, in fact, been lulling you into a false sense of security…

Anywho, we left with the best part of my belongings around 3 and arrived at my spacious new box just after 4 and I signed the contract. The next task was to buy bedding. I have none – the last place provided it all. Fortunately 2 of my colleagues seem to have taken pity on me, so on Friday I was very kindly given a pillow, and on Wednesday I’m to receive a duvet. So all that was left was to buy a blanket for cooler weather (the duvet’s a summer-weight), some bedsheets and covers for my duvet to be and pillow.

Bloody hell it can be expensive.

The night before the move I was a little sad to be leaving my old box – it was cosy, if a little too small. Then I found a caterpillar on my bed (as I was about to get in) and then dealt with a mosquito ninja-style that was buzzing round my head despite the mosquito net over my window.

Then I realised that I had to get out, so it was fine and I had no qualms about leaving.

So I have gone from this:

My room in Dietersheim
The shelves on the left were my kitchen. The sink on the right was my "bathroom"/"kitchen sink" The bed's behind where I'm standing to take the photo.

to this:

My room in Munich centre
Behind where this picture's taken from is a balcony - it's a bit empty at the minute, but I doubt it'll stay that way for long...

I don’t know about you, but I call that a result.

Travellings: Deutschland #9 Rematch

Right, so I intend to finally move back to civilisation tomorrow afternoon with the help of a certain Herr Ben and on Sunday I plan on making a comeback on the go-cart track.

Oh, and the header image? These are my furry little guardians who have been charged with keeping an eye on me whilst I travel.

Yes, I’m 20.

No, I’ve not grown up.

The best people never do.

Travellings: Deutschland #8 Results

So, go-carting.

As it turned out, we had to wait until after 8:30pm to drive, because someone had an hour long reservation from 7:30. The result being that it was dark by this point and there weren’t any flood lights. There were lights at various points on the track, but it certainly would have made things easier if we could see the track the first time we decided to race on an unknown layout.

We drove for about 10 minutes, all in all.

The times, I’m ashamed to say, are as follows:

Lap     Ben                  Becca
1        1:16.11            1:23.62
2        1:06.79          1.35.17
3        1:05.92          1:15.73
4        1:05.23          1:13.17
5        1:04.31          1:10.70
6        1:08.09          1:07.69
7        1:05.63          1:17.35
8         1:13.18           1:10.49
9         1:06.09

Sorry, ladies, looks like I let you down. And yes, I got lapped. You know what the cheeky bastard yelled as he went past?

“Schneller bitte”

For those of you that know the reference, you can imagine how hilarious the situation was (and the amount of chagrin on my part). I’ll give you schneller next time, Ben. You wait.

Having said that, I didn’t give up without a fight – he actually overtook me twice, but the first time I overtook him back on the next corner – I’ve decided that that was my one redeeming moment of those 10 minutes.

I’d forgotten how much work (and arm strength) you need to drive one of those things. When we pulled in at the end of the ten minutes, I could feel nothing but pins and needles up to my elbow on my right arm. Serves me right for carting with Carpet Tunnel Syndrome, really.

So, Ben. I can only apologise for such a shoddy performance. Hats off though – best man won. By means of apology for such a poor show, I can only offer a rematch in light conditions.

Up for round 2, matey?

Travellings: Deutschland #7

Okay, given the massive jump in page views I had when I announced that I was going to put Ben in his place regarding go-carting, I’m sure that you’ll be waiting to hear the outcome. Fortunately for Ben, the weather on Saturday meant that it was too wet to drive and because he had a football match today, I’m afraid you’re going to have to put up with the suspense until possibly next weekend.

So I spent Saturday morning viewing a flat in Au-Haidhausen, which is right near Kolumbusplatz tube station. It was advertised as a 3 person flat share, with one guy already there looking for 2 flatmates to move in.

It turned out to be a guy from Bagdad (whose German was very good) who only intended for one girl to move in and decided to ask me part-way through the conversation if my figure was natural or because I did lots of sport.

Because you know, that’s what a 30 year-old man asks a 20 year-old girl.

Oh, and the living room turned out to also be his bedroom.
On top of that, the room was only partly furnished and I need to buy bedding. His response?
“Don’t worry, I can give you bedding.”

I’m sure you can, sweetheart. But I’m guessing the catch would be that you’re included with said bedding. Thanks but no thanks.

I then decided on a whim to view a second room that evening. I can’t say I held out much hope for the place, but there were more people here (it’s still a 3 person flat share, but the difference here was that they were only looking for the one person) and it turns out to be about 10 minutes away from the Nordbad, which means I can finally get back into some kind of exercise routine.

I came away from that viewing thinking that I could not have found a better place to view. Both people were lovely and very easy to talk to, even with my limited German, and the best thing? They expect me to have people come and visit.

The thing was that I had to let the guy from the morning know by Sunday if I was going to take the room and these guys were deciding on Wednesday.

You can imagine my surprise when I received an email this evening from flat number 2 saying that they’ve cancelled all the other viewings (which were spread over the evenings of Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) and that I can have the room.

Cue the following reaction:

cat chasing tail
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :D

So, I’ve now got to organise a move, inform my current landlords and generally calm down enough to get some sleep before work tomorrow…

Edit: carting now re-scheduled for tonight (Monday). Watch this space…

Travellings: Deutschland #6

I’ve returned from the autumnal and the rainy back home to the humid and the hot here in Munich. The office has no air conditioning, so you can imagine how lovely our working environment is.

Home was…good. But it was a bad idea to go back. I got back 2 days ago and generally felt like pants. Absolute pants. This was partly down to just 2 hours sleep (packing late at night and then getting up at 4:30 the next morning to get to the airport on time), and partly because I enjoy being with people I can communicate with.

If anything, this reinforces the fact that I should probably find somewhere better to live, rather than somewhere half an hour’s walk through fields from the nearest tube station. Cue searching for somewhere to live for the rest of the day.

In other words, I’ve reached that stage where you’ve got to be pretty close to saint-hood to put up with me, so a massive thanks to Matt and Ben for listening to me whinge like the absolute 3 year-old I am. Sorry guys.

In any case, this weekend should prove to be fairly amusing. It currently involves go-carting, potentially bad weather (at least compared to what we’ve had recently), a fair bit of banter, and possibly beer. Oh, and possibly the reputation of women drivers, too, so no pressure. Hilarity will ensue, I’m sure.

Oh, and Ben? F1 driver look-alike or not, watch and learn son, watch and learn.