Travellings: Deutschland #7

Okay, given the massive jump in page views I had when I announced that I was going to put Ben in his place regarding go-carting, I’m sure that you’ll be waiting to hear the outcome. Fortunately for Ben, the weather on Saturday meant that it was too wet to drive and because he had a football match today, I’m afraid you’re going to have to put up with the suspense until possibly next weekend.

So I spent Saturday morning viewing a flat in Au-Haidhausen, which is right near Kolumbusplatz tube station. It was advertised as a 3 person flat share, with one guy already there looking for 2 flatmates to move in.

It turned out to be a guy from Bagdad (whose German was very good) who only intended for one girl to move in and decided to ask me part-way through the conversation if my figure was natural or because I did lots of sport.

Because you know, that’s what a 30 year-old man asks a 20 year-old girl.

Oh, and the living room turned out to also be his bedroom.
On top of that, the room was only partly furnished and I need to buy bedding. His response?
“Don’t worry, I can give you bedding.”

I’m sure you can, sweetheart. But I’m guessing the catch would be that you’re included with said bedding. Thanks but no thanks.

I then decided on a whim to view a second room that evening. I can’t say I held out much hope for the place, but there were more people here (it’s still a 3 person flat share, but the difference here was that they were only looking for the one person) and it turns out to be about 10 minutes away from the Nordbad, which means I can finally get back into some kind of exercise routine.

I came away from that viewing thinking that I could not have found a better place to view. Both people were lovely and very easy to talk to, even with my limited German, and the best thing? They expect me to have people come and visit.

The thing was that I had to let the guy from the morning know by Sunday if I was going to take the room and these guys were deciding on Wednesday.

You can imagine my surprise when I received an email this evening from flat number 2 saying that they’ve cancelled all the other viewings (which were spread over the evenings of Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) and that I can have the room.

Cue the following reaction:

cat chasing tail
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :D

So, I’ve now got to organise a move, inform my current landlords and generally calm down enough to get some sleep before work tomorrow…

Edit: carting now re-scheduled for tonight (Monday). Watch this space…

Someone new…

So, it being my birthday today, my parents decided to celebrate my becoming 20 and therefore someone to now be taken seriously with the following addition to my weird and wonderful family:

Mr. Stripes
Meet Mr. Stripes

My Grandmother’s reaction: “They’re encouraging you.”