Travellings: Deutschland #12 Quick update

Apologies for the lack of whitterings, but things have been a little crazy and I’ve been a little under the weather.

Middle of last week I met Doriane at the station, who’s currently over looking for somewhere to live in Munich while she’s studying for the winter semester at LMU, and then (after being sent home with low blood pressure) I met Matt at the airport on Friday.

Saturday was spent at the zoo with Herr Ben and my colleague C, who very kindly agreed to come along and was most bemused with my antics at the penguin enclosure. I will write a longer post with video footage (oh yes, there are videos) and photos, otherwise it won’t do justice to the penguin enclosure zoo.

Sunday morning was spent watching Herr Ben playing football and being given a yellow card part way through. Tsk, tsk.

Oh, and I ended up making an absolute howler yesterday on the language front – so bad I can only sit here and laugh about it to myself. I had a phonecall yesterday from one of the heads of department who wanted to speak with my boss and asked for (rather quickly and in a heavy Bavarian accent) what sounded like her “Durchfall”.

He actually said “Durchwahl”, meaning direct number, not her diahorrea, which was a relief.

German language: 2; Becca: 0.


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