Travellings: Deutschland #11 Rematch Results

I went go-carting yesterday and woke up this morning with bruises up my spine and the following witty little ditty posted on my facebook wall from the rather full of himself Herr Ben:

“Becca Bourne, born to win?
Given the results, she might think it’s a sin.
She had shown promise and time to adapt,
But yet again by Ben she got lapped.

Credit though where credit’s due,
She mixed it with the boys and overtook a few.
Maybe next time round she’ll chance her arm,
What’s that old saying? Third time’s a charm.”

So whilst trying to laugh quietly enough so as not to wake my Mitbewohnern, it reminded me to write up yesterday’s results.

The most encouraging part of this is the huge improvement I made, so I’m now just a couple of seconds behind Herr Ben. So given how I have once again proven to be a quick learner, I reckon next time he’ll have to make sure he doesn’t get too complacent…

When we eventually got onto the track, it turns out that I was a) the youngest person on the track and b) the only girl/woman in the group starting off. We were driving for 15 minutes all in all, and the glorious times are as follows:

Go-carting Results Rounds 1 & 2

Lap       Ben1            Becca1           Ben2           Becca2
1            1:16.11        1:23.62          1:01.81      1:16.20

2            1:06.79      1:35.17          1:01.27      1:05.73

3            1:05.92       1:15.73          1:00.27     1:03.30

4            1:05.23        1:13.17         1:00.65     1:03.60

5            1:04.31        1:10.70         59.40         1:04.29

6            1:08.09        1:07.69         59.31         1:03.49

7            1:05.63       1:17.35          1:02.46      1:02.70

8            1:13.18         1:10.49         1:00.28      1:01.87

9            1:06.09                            59.80         1:03.06

10                                                   1:00.60      1:03.52

11                                                    59.75          1:02.81

12                                                    59.91           1:04.20

13                                                    1:01.08         1:06.3

14                                                    1:04.85         1:06.3

15                                                    1:04.85

(The last 2 entries for each column of the second round are exactly the same because the times on the print out are 2 laps amalgamated – therefore I’ve simply halved them.)

I would write these out in a table, but everytime I type out the html code, wordpress seems to cut everything out from the first opening tag. So you’re going to have to make do with this dodgy spacing, I’m afraid.

For the record, yes, Ben overtook me, but just before we went into the pits at the end of the 15 minutes, which is a huge improvement. The best bit? I overtook several people myself, some of them on the chicane, which I thought was quite an achievement.

The most amusing thing was the look on the other driver’s faces when I overtook them – one guy obviously couldn’t believe it and gave me what I can only describe as a “death stare” as I went past – at which I naturally grinned and waved. Bear in mind, I was the only girl, wearing wrist splints on both wrists and being rather scrawny, not looking like I’d be able to do much.

You sir, just got overtaken.



One thought on “Travellings: Deutschland #11 Rematch Results

  1. Hi! I like Ben’s witty ditty, so felt compelled to pen a rejoinder.

    The Queen of Chicane

    Becca Bourne? Of course she’ll win:
    She hares around the first hairpin
    Like Stirling Moss on go-fast pills,
    Racing up slopes and flying down hills.

    Ramming the pedal flat to the floor –
    A blast of smoke, the engines roar –
    She drives her cart like Boadicea
    Straight past the boys – they’re nowhere near!

    Then hurtles down the last home run,
    The undisputed Number One!
    Becca Bourne – the Queen of Chicane!
    She parks her cart and pops the Champagne.

    Good luck in the next race!!

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