Travellings: Deutschland #10


Yesterday was 2 months to the day that I moved out here and to celebrate the auspicious occasion, I spent the morning packing and the afternoon moving my things about Munich with the help of Herr Ben, who apparently decided that it would be more of a challenge to help me move then it would be to race me on the go-cart track. Cheek. We’ll see later today, Ben – I have, in fact, been lulling you into a false sense of security…

Anywho, we left with the best part of my belongings around 3 and arrived at my spacious new box just after 4 and I signed the contract. The next task was to buy bedding. I have none – the last place provided it all. Fortunately 2 of my colleagues seem to have taken pity on me, so on Friday I was very kindly given a pillow, and on Wednesday I’m to receive a duvet. So all that was left was to buy a blanket for cooler weather (the duvet’s a summer-weight), some bedsheets and covers for my duvet to be and pillow.

Bloody hell it can be expensive.

The night before the move I was a little sad to be leaving my old box – it was cosy, if a little too small. Then I found a caterpillar on my bed (as I was about to get in) and then dealt with a mosquito ninja-style that was buzzing round my head despite the mosquito net over my window.

Then I realised that I had to get out, so it was fine and I had no qualms about leaving.

So I have gone from this:

My room in Dietersheim
The shelves on the left were my kitchen. The sink on the right was my "bathroom"/"kitchen sink" The bed's behind where I'm standing to take the photo.

to this:

My room in Munich centre
Behind where this picture's taken from is a balcony - it's a bit empty at the minute, but I doubt it'll stay that way for long...

I don’t know about you, but I call that a result.


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