Travellings: Deutschland #8 Results

So, go-carting.

As it turned out, we had to wait until after 8:30pm to drive, because someone had an hour long reservation from 7:30. The result being that it was dark by this point and there weren’t any flood lights. There were lights at various points on the track, but it certainly would have made things easier if we could see the track the first time we decided to race on an unknown layout.

We drove for about 10 minutes, all in all.

The times, I’m ashamed to say, are as follows:

Lap     Ben                  Becca
1        1:16.11            1:23.62
2        1:06.79          1.35.17
3        1:05.92          1:15.73
4        1:05.23          1:13.17
5        1:04.31          1:10.70
6        1:08.09          1:07.69
7        1:05.63          1:17.35
8         1:13.18           1:10.49
9         1:06.09

Sorry, ladies, looks like I let you down. And yes, I got lapped. You know what the cheeky bastard yelled as he went past?

“Schneller bitte”

For those of you that know the reference, you can imagine how hilarious the situation was (and the amount of chagrin on my part). I’ll give you schneller next time, Ben. You wait.

Having said that, I didn’t give up without a fight – he actually overtook me twice, but the first time I overtook him back on the next corner – I’ve decided that that was my one redeeming moment of those 10 minutes.

I’d forgotten how much work (and arm strength) you need to drive one of those things. When we pulled in at the end of the ten minutes, I could feel nothing but pins and needles up to my elbow on my right arm. Serves me right for carting with Carpet Tunnel Syndrome, really.

So, Ben. I can only apologise for such a shoddy performance. Hats off though – best man won. By means of apology for such a poor show, I can only offer a rematch in light conditions.

Up for round 2, matey?


One thought on “Travellings: Deutschland #8 Results

  1. Well done Becca :-)!! I was cheering you on (mentally, of course) at the weekend:

    Becca Bourne, born to win,
    She drives her cart and drinks her gin.

    I see you did two laps faster than Ben, which indicates great promise. I predict that you will one day become Queen of the Track!!

    Ich hoffe Du hast eine sehr gute Woche!!

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