Travellings: Deutschland #6

I’ve returned from the autumnal and the rainy back home to the humid and the hot here in Munich. The office has no air conditioning, so you can imagine how lovely our working environment is.

Home was…good. But it was a bad idea to go back. I got back 2 days ago and generally felt like pants. Absolute pants. This was partly down to just 2 hours sleep (packing late at night and then getting up at 4:30 the next morning to get to the airport on time), and partly because I enjoy being with people I can communicate with.

If anything, this reinforces the fact that I should probably find somewhere better to live, rather than somewhere half an hour’s walk through fields from the nearest tube station. Cue searching for somewhere to live for the rest of the day.

In other words, I’ve reached that stage where you’ve got to be pretty close to saint-hood to put up with me, so a massive thanks to Matt and Ben for listening to me whinge like the absolute 3 year-old I am. Sorry guys.

In any case, this weekend should prove to be fairly amusing. It currently involves go-carting, potentially bad weather (at least compared to what we’ve had recently), a fair bit of banter, and possibly beer. Oh, and possibly the reputation of women drivers, too, so no pressure. Hilarity will ensue, I’m sure.

Oh, and Ben? F1 driver look-alike or not, watch and learn son, watch and learn.


5 thoughts on “Travellings: Deutschland #6

  1. I just wanted to say what a fabulous blog this is! I really enjoy your witty comments and the stories of your adventures!! The “Wanted” notice below your photo on the right is a stroke of comic genius!!

    Greetings from the world of the clinically weird!

  2. Hi Martin! I hope you’ve been having a good summer :)

    I’m glad you like it – I’ve posted quite a bit during the past couple of months and wasn’t too sure if it was what people wanted to read… so I thought I’d carry on going!

    I thought the “Wanted” picture would help brighten things up a little ;)

    I hope everything’s good in the Land of the Clinically Weird – Next time I’m around I might have to drop by to top-up weirdness levels…

  3. Hi Becca!
    Well, I think you did the right thing by carrying on with your postings and musings! This is just the kind of thing people want to read – informative, entertaining and witty!

    Actually, it’s an interesting point, and I was wondering whether you know who else is reading/following your blog? – apart from Mad Martin of the Mile End Institution for the Clinically Weird (or is it the Weirdly Clinical?) – that is! I was thinking that Sylvia would find it interesting, as she’s the Year Abroad Co-ordinator for German. Would you mind if I showed your blog to Sylvia and maybe other teachers involved in the year abroad project? Do let me know, and I don’t mind if you would prefer me not to ;-)

    Keep up the excellent work!

    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende…

  4. Hi Mad Martin :)

    I don’t know exactly who is following my blog – I mean, I can see those who have subscribed to the E-Carrier Pigeon Notification Service, but apart from that, I’ve no idea! Feel free to show it to whoever you please – if it were something I didn’t want people to read, I wouldn’t post it on the internet!

    My next post will probably consist of the flat I’m viewing tomorrow morning and the go-carting results *suspense* so hopefully that’ll appear at the beginning of next week…

    Dir auch ein schönes Wochenende!

  5. Vielen Dank Becca – it’s good to know I can show your blog to colleagues with impunity ;-). You’re a star!!


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