Inane Whittering #10

So, I should probably be sleeping right now, but as usual I’m hoping that by not sleeping, I’ll somehow avoid tomorrow. Although I’m that sleep-deprived that I just wrote “so I’ll avoid yesterday”. Interesting idea, that.

I move to Munich tomorrow and I’m at that weird stage where you have doubts, the “I want to stay here with people I know” and all the other sentimental stuff.

I don’t like it. I can’t say good-bye at the best of times, let alone casually say bye to my parents for the best part of a year. Okay, I know I have Skype and the interweb and other weird and wonderful things that technology gives you to keep in contact. 10-15 years ago, I would have gone and relied on letters to keep in touch. So things could be a lot worse.

So I’m currently telling myself that I managed work experience at 15, flew out alone to the middle of nowhere in France to near strangers, had a pay-phone as my only means of contact, spoke rudimentary French (at best) and stayed with people who spoke no English: I can do this.


In any case, I’ll not have internet until Wednesday evening/Thursday, and I have to make my way through the German Jungle of Bureaucracy.

So, farewell land of tea and crumpets. Right, München, you Bavarian Beer Monster, let’s be having you.

travelling Roo
See you soon :)

3 thoughts on “Inane Whittering #10

  1. Hello Roo!

    I just want to wish you a very joyful time in München! I’m sure you will be missed by those whom you love, just as much as you will miss them too. Swapping tea and crumpets for lashings of tasty Bavarian beer sounds like a good exchange to me, though – enjoy it to the full and make the most of your time in a wonderful part of the world. I’ve never been to southern Germany, I must confess, but I would love to visit – especially the Bavarian Alps!!

    I’m looking forward to reading, here on your informative and entertaining blog, your reports, thoughts and reflections on your time abroad. And, remember, we don’t find your whitterings inane at all!! In fact, they’re thoroughly ‘ane’, if such a word exists – which it does now, because I’ve just used it!

    Gute Reiser Roo!!!

  2. I completely understand with that feeling.
    Anyway, there are people, who speak English (even if it is German-English and they are proud of that).
    In one year, not so lang, wenn I miss you, I would watch the movies form BBC, I guess…..

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