Hubble bubble, toil and trouble..

fire burn and cauldron bubble.

So, I returned from a whirlwind trip to Munich on Friday and with a clump of exams coming up, the natural thing to do was to spend today lounging about relaxing and avoiding work of any shape or form. Besides, what better a way to work through any pre-exam nerves and stress than to spend a couple of hours wrestling with unwieldy bread dough?

So I decided to try something interesting. I didn’t want to go along the boring “I’ve never baked bread in my life, so I’ll stick to something simple”. Bugger that for a laugh.

I decided to make a plait – far more interesting. Fortunately, I found a book on baking bread that we had lying around the kitchen (as you do), so I had some vague guidance – ish.

So, after a tentative hour or two of mixing, kneading, proving, deflating, reshaping, proving again, deflating and reshaping, I managed to plait my dough so that I ended up with these 2 baby-sized creations:

Loaves before baking

So that you have an idea of proportions, I managed to make about 1.6kg of dough.. so each loaf is about 800g.

After finding a bread-baking setting on the oven and leaving my small children in there for ten minutes, they’d transmogrified into this:

Loaves 10 minutes into baking
10 minutes later..

This resulted in much squawking and yelling, “IT LIVES” at my father (and everyone else I came across, but particularly at him), all the while making what can only be described as ecstatic chimpanzee-like noises and running around the house.

This was duly repeated, when, after another half an hour, my beautiful creations were complete. I then felt the urge to take some supposedly “arty” photos of the finished product. That way I can kid myself that this entry can sort of look like it ought to belong in some kind of cookery book-thing.. somewhere.

Arty photo 1

Arty photo 2

Ooh, and whilst I was making a complete and utter mess of the kitchen (flour just seems to get absolutely EVERYWHERE) mum made brownies :D There won’t be many of these left by tomorrow, rest assured:

Chocolate brownies

So, 3 guesses what my back-up career’s going to be..
Yup, you got it – raccoon tamer.


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