Inane Whittering #6


First version of my home page for the project

FINALLY, after weeks of muttering offensive remarks at my poor computer, sulking, comfort eating and generally bemoaning my inability to sort out my layout with regards to the navigation bar and text boxes, I’VE DONE IT.

I’ve even managed to get it to change to pink when you hover over it. Check me and my skillz out.

Yes, there was a need for capitals. You’ve no idea how happy I am. I’m almost as happy as that time when I discovered a new gateway to Narnia.

Gateway to Narnia
You'll never guess what's in here.


One thought on “Inane Whittering #6

  1. Your website’s looking great Becca – I’m mightily impressed by your design skills!! I’m looking forward to seeing your site in action!

    More importantly, who is that character in the box? And when is he/she going to join the class?

    p.s. I wish I could stop writing exclamation marks!!!

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