Inane Whittering #4

This morning I found a rather amusing link regarding Google’s latest Trojan App for Microsoft Office and how the German Foreign Office is killing Linux in favour of Windows. The latter story doesn’t make much sense to me, I mean, why get rid of Freeware that works and replace it with a so-called premium product that ends up freezing and then apparently “apologises for the inconvenience.” Microsoft, sweetheart, you have no idea of the inconvenience that you have just caused me. You’ve just lost me several hours of work, you useless pile of wombat dung. Don’t apologise for something if it’s not sincere.

I’ve also found a really good article (well, for me anyway) on sleep patterns. It turns out that we’re supposed to be biphasic sleepers, i.e. we sleep in two blocks separated by a period of consciousness, rather than creatures who hibernate for one massive chunk. See, now I have an excuse explanation for being awake at all kinds of quirky hours.

Oh, and for all you raccoon lovers out there (yes, I’ve noticed the searches), here’s something that I think you might appreciate:

Hip raccoon
Damn, that is one cool cat.


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