Inane Whittering #3

As I write this, my cat is sleeping in my bathroom, curled up on the furry bathmat. I found her earlier this afternoon in the washing machine. (I should probably add that it wasn’t on, she was sitting in it with the door open.) Oh, and she was in the shower earlier, too.

I think Sushi has a thing about water. Although, before curling up to snooze in my bathroom, she did have a good clean. Shame my youngest brother doesn’t seem to grasp the idea; the cat’s got the hang of it :|

Not that we call her Sushi at the minute, to be honest. We’ve renamed her F7. It stems from an incident yesterday, whereby my father entered the dining room to find that his company laptop (several years old, I hasten to add) had been viciously, yet mysteriously vandalised, with several keys left at an angle and the F7 key left lying somewhat discarded next to it. The giveaway, it has to be said, was the occasional white cat hairs all over the laptop.

First the cat-flap, and now a computer keyboard. I do wonder sometimes..

Anyway, my apologies for lack of whittering over the past few days – Wednesday afternoon I was rather poorly (for once, this was nothing to do with going to the pub the night before) and ended up having to be rescued by my parents, which meant I had to have my interview for my Praktikum (internship) for my year abroad at home. That was interesting – and promising. I’m now in the process of having to do a sample translation of one of their webpages for Monday.. Eeep.

I seem to remember in my last post whittering on about the Clangers, Soupdragon and various other children’s cartoon characters being a decent alternative to the current government. Whilst originally said rather flippantly, I’ve come to the (slightly bizarre and somewhat unhinged) conclusion that if it’s perfectly acceptable to have fantasy football teams and leagues, then why not governments? I’ve decided that so far, Major Clanger would have to be Prime Minister, being leader of the Clanger Clan, whilst Tiny Clanger would be good as Foreign Secretary – my reasoning being that he was the one who befriended the Iron Chicken when Major Clanger stood there and got cross. Deputy Prime Minister would have to be Mother Clanger, as second in command of the Clanger clan. The Cloud, would be secretary for Transport (it did rescue Tiny Clanger when he got stuck in the Iron Chicken’s nest) and the Soup Dragon would be my Chancellor of the Exchequer. I’ve yet to decide what role the Froglets would play.

Yes, I’m actually going to put time into this crazy idea. Why not? If you’ve any suggestions, please let me know!

Meanwhile, in the real world, Microsoft says “Adieu” to Autorun and a doner kebab saves a man’s life.

Yup, you heard me, Microsoft’s getting rid of Autorun.


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