Inane Whittering #1.5

Half a whittering? My excuse is that I got back from my Berlin conference in the early hours of yesterday morning and my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is back with a vengeance.

Berlin was amazing. My first day was spent working on the welcome desk..
Really attractive shirts

And then we had networking sessions later that evening:
Work, food and alcohol..

…And all day Saturday:
Early Saturday morning after a night at the bar

Considering we had more than 300 delegates, I think it went quite well!

So that’s what I was doing all weekend.. I have, however, just found an article on the BBC about yet another flaw Microsoft have discovered with their software and hardware.

This is why we should be using alternatives more, rather than the default dinosaurs.. no?

Also, The Register has an interesting article on the latest update from Google about their GoogleDocs facility. I like the use of the word “netziens”, personally. *removes linguistic hat*

Right, once I’ve actually learnt something useful, I shall come back and try again. Carpet Tunnels permitting..

Schönen Tag!


2 thoughts on “Inane Whittering #1.5

  1. Hi Becca,

    Good to see you had such a successful and enjoyable conference in Berlin!

    Thanks also for the two interesting articles on Google Docs and the Windows vulnerability. I agree – this is exactly why we should be using alternative operating systems, browsers and applications. Diversity is strength!!

    Have a good week!

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