Inane Whittering #1

The first post is always awkward.  Some people have that knack of just writing and avoiding the problem, whilst the rest of us tend to ramble on and on until we find something useful to say.  In case you haven’t already guessed, I belong to the latter category.

This is supposed to be a place where I record my general whitterings and thoughts about the occasional little nuggets of useful information I find during my procrastination studies and what I’ve been learning this semester; rather than rambling on about how my cat managed to mysteriously break the cat-flap a couple of nights ago.

The prime suspect, aka Sushi

In any case, I shall leave you with a link to a rather interesting article on how different languages mean you have different cognitive skills which I first saw in Feburary’s edition of Scientific American.


One thought on “Inane Whittering #1

  1. Hi Becca,
    Well, what an interesting start to your blog! You describe yourself as someone who tends to ramble on until you find something interesting to say, and indeed you have done just that! You have rambled, via your entertaining anecdote about your cat’s mysterious act of vandalism, until you lead us to this fascinating article about the way language shapes the way we think. I’m fascinated by the way the mind processes language – a few years ago I an assignment on the roles that short-term and working memory play in language learning. And, of course, there are lots of analogies between the human brain and the computer. In fact, I think in Chinese the word for computer is something like “mechanical brain”.

    So, thanks for your thought-provoking first post! I’m looking forward to reading more of your thoughts and musing (and ramblings) as the course progresses!

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